MVP COVID19 Testing Update

February 25, 2021

MVP Health Care® (MVP) covers the cost of COVID-19 testing that has been deemed medically

necessary at no cost share to the members.


MVP does not, however, reimburse for COVID-19 tests performed on an asymptomatic individual

solely to assess health status as required by parties such as government/public health agencies,

employers, common carrier, schools, camps, or when ordered upon the request of a member solely to

facilitate the member’s desire to self-assess COVID-19 immune status.


The following diagnosis codes will be denied when submitted for COVID-19 testing

Primary Diagnosis Code and Primary DiagnosisCode Descriptor:

Z02.0     Encounter for examination for adminssion to educational institution

Z02.1     Medical diagnosis of encounter for pre-employment examination

Z02.4     Encounter for examination for driving license

Z02.5    Encounter for examination for participation in sport

Z02.79  A diagnosis of encounter for issue of medical certificate

Z02.89  Encounter for other administrative examinations

Z02.9    Encounter administrative examinations, unspecified

Z56.89  Specify a medical diagnosis of other problems related to employment

Z56.9    A medical diagnosis of unspecified problems related to employment

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