About Us

Matthew J. Ross, Company President

Mr. Ross is the founder and CEO of Med-Care Administrators, LLC with over 20 years experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit medical business sectors. His firm offers strategic practice management services ranging from consulting, office management and a medical billing division. They serve all specialties and practice sizes from single and group physician offices to hospitals and urgent care centers. He has significant expertise in revenue management and recovery from operational relationships to medical coding and cash management in both commercial and governmental organizations.

Mr. Ross has vast knowledge in medical office setup, facilities assessment and cost analysis. He offers expertise in defining needs-assessments and forecasting. He deals with all aspects of contract negotiations ranging from physician recruitment and negotiating reimbursements including fee for service and capitation contracts.

He has an extensive understanding of medical management software systems, electronic medical records (EMR) and laboratory interfaces. Through the understanding of medical reimbursement issues and its relationship to system configurations, his company has been involved in electronic claims testing for professional services with Blue Cross and Blue Shield claims filing in the 1990s and provided beta testing for national software companies.

Mr. Ross has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management, with concentrations in Operations Management and Finance from Utica College of Syracuse University.

Mario E LaPolla, Billing and Revenue Cycle Manager

Mr. LaPolla is responsible for the day to day billing and revenue cycle operation. This includes ensuring provider charges are entered and billed in a timely manner, that insurance and patient payments are posted correctly and timely, effectively managing Accounts Receivables and partnering with clients to improve cash flow through issue resolution and effective billing and coding procedures.

Mr. LaPolla is also responsible for the Credentialing Department, providing oversight for the enrolling of providers with the insurance carriers and the continued maintenance of those providers in good standing. In addition he has responsibility for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) team, which does the electronic billing of charges to the insurance carriers.

Mr. LaPolla has 30 years of experience in Institutional Health, Dental and Disability Insurance.

He has extensive management and leadership experience in large health care claim and customer service operations for Fortune 100 clients such as General Electric and Verizon Communications.

He also has experience in transitioning large transaction based service organizations to a customer centric self directed team based service center.

Mr. LaPolla has an A.S. degree in Liberal Arts from M.V.C.C. and has completed coursework in Human Behavior and Psychology. He has also attended numerous management and leadership workshops, including General Electric corporate training sessions.