Medical Billing Solutions

After clinical care, Medical Billing is the most important aspect of a medical practice. Basic accounting principles of Profit and Loss provide the basis of whether a business has sufficient cash flow to survive. Medical billing functions, however, are typically put on the lowest order of priority throughout the course of day-to-day operations when office staff is short, and patient demands are high.

Medical Billing has become very technical in nature. Insurance companies and our own State and Federal Governments are putting increased burden upon the practitioner with lower reimbursements as the reward. Besides simply trying to get a claim paid, practitioners have new buzz words ranging anywhere from National Standard Format, HIPAA Compliance and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to be threatened by. As we are all told, "ignorance is not a defense" in a post-payment audit.

  • Higher Labor costs
  • Lower reimbursement rates
  • Employee Turnover
  • Employee Education
  • IT and Computer upgrades
  • Increased Accounts Receivable
  • Postage Rate Increases
  • Regulations
  • Insurance Denials
  • Software Maintenance
  • More Paperwork
  • Less Leisure Time
  • Reduced Profits
  • Med-Care Administrator's Billing Management Services

What you expect:

  • Commitment

    You expect your billing department to be managing your billing as if it was their own.

  • Expertise

    Similar to your profession, you realize the importance of specialization and experience.

  • Assurance

    You want to rest assured that your energies of seeing patients are all accounted for. You should not feel the need to check reports to make sure billing is being sent out, or worse yet written off.

  • Flexibility

    In today's changing business world, flexibility is most important. Your billing department must support change, from software issues, to billing requirements.

Med-Care Administrators is a full service medical practice management firm providing you the commitment, expertise, assurance and flexibility you deserve. Our resources are broad and our knowledge extensive to allow us to work with single practitioners, to full Hospital Network Affiliations. All business types receive the same level of guidance and direction.

Medical billing is not data processing; it is not menial; it should not be overlooked. Medical billing is a specialty, and we at MCA are specialists in this discipline. We also do not take it lightly. We understand the nature of what we do and the direct relationship to the success of the practices we work with. We take great pride and personal interest in recovering every possible dollar due in the shortest possible time.


Need to be compliant? Need to know how to legally bill for not medically necessary services by Medicare? Whether it's waivers, financial policies, proper patient registration and education. MCA has created and continually modifies numerous forms to correctly manage this unending task. Let us relive you of this burden.


What MCA processes? Everything. Whether you dictate charges, use an encounter form or superbill, custom tickets or the "black book," once we get the information, we handle the claim from there and until its completion. We manage the charge from its infancy, scrutinizing all occurrences, maximizing all possibilities "did this happen, did that? Is this documented, is that?" We suggest alternatives, and educate where necessary. We handle Workers' Compensation, No-Fault, Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance claims and patient billing statements. Primary claims, secondary claims, multiple cases, we process it all.


You heard it right. Inventory in a service industry. We have goals in our office, one of which is turn-around time. Work received in our office, which is comprised of patient registrations, charge tickets, and payments is processed and billed in less than 24 hours. Backed-up inventory becomes delayed cash, and in this case a liability to you. Just like manufacturing, our process is a machine; a well oiled one.

Electronic Billing

The real benefits to electronic billing are decreased processing days; clean claim payment comes sooner. Take advantage of increased cash-flow by processing as many carriers that will accept electronic claims filling. MCA processes Medicare, Medicaid, all Blue Shield products, and NEIC commercial payers. We can get your average payment days cut in half. Don't let anyone fool you, however. There are real costs and specific requirements that must be met to process claims electronically. Our systems are fully HIPAA compliant, and there are no additional billing fees passed to you to process the claims.

Account Receivable Management

Old money is bad money. We have a regimented process for attacking aged accounts receivable. We do not submit the claim and wait. Aged reports are reviewed weekly. Accounts in question are flagged. Follow up is done immediately. Subtle, but effective letters and phone calls are made to patients to collect what is due. We fight with all third party carriers including Medicare and Medicaid to collect what is due. Letters to the Insurance Commissioner are written about companies that are not following statutory regulations. We pursue Fair Hearings with Medicare. We will participate in legal disclosures if such a need arises.


If Reports are important to you, look no further. The number and types of reports we can produce are second to none. From daily log batch reports, billed reports, trend analysis, production and payment examinations, and whatever your interest, we can produce it broken down by most any variable from insurance, facility, diagnosis, etc. The list goes on. We can do this because we utilize a full medical management software system, allowing us tremendous flexibility and accountability.


Not all billing companies are alike. Educate yourself on services they have to offer. Educate yourself on the effectiveness of their services. Ask questions about Average Days Outstanding, Processing Days, and Reporting capability. Equally, find out if they have Liability Insurance. Do they provide a Policy Manual? And get an idea of their client retention. See how quickly they respond. Price, although important, should not always be the determining factor.

Please contact our office for an in-person demonstration of our services and see what our capabilities are. Or, if you prefer, stop by to visit us. See for yourself. We have much to offer. Knowledge is power. Make the right decision by finding the right partner, Med-Care Administrators.