Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select MCA? (show answer)

MCA's 21 years of experience combined with being the only preferred vendor for the Medical Societies of the Counties of Cayuga, Chenango, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida and Oswego uniquely qualifies MCA to provide you with expert billing and practice management services. Process, procedures, controls and results are what you get when you work with MCA. Our people make the difference - experienced, well-trained and credentialed and results focused.

What about a "Red Flag Rule" Compliance Plan? Does MCA have one? (show answer)

Yes. MCA was one of the first billing companies to adopt a "Red Flag Rule" Compliance Plan. We also provided guidance and assistance to each of our clients to help them prepare a plan for their office and make sure they are in full compliance.

Does MCA have an Office of Inspector General Compliance Plan and a HIPAA Compliance plan in place. (show answer)

Yes. Not all billing companies have OIG and HIPAA Compliance plans. You can trust your billing and practice management needs to MCA's experienced staff of professionals.

Will I have access to the billing system at my home and office? (show answer)

Yes. MCA's practice management and billing system can be accessed remotely from any internet connected computer or Smartphone. You can check scheduling, patient balances and more, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Isn't it true that all billing companies are the same? Shouldn't price be the determining factor?(show answer)

Not all billing companies are the same. The level of experience, support and most importantly results, vary greatly among billing companies. More important than price, is to know what you get for the price and what the billing company's performance has been. What ends up in your pocket is more important than what you pay. What you pay a billing company should be considered an investment resulting in improved financial performance for your practice; not just an expense.

Will using a billing service disqualify me from eligibility to receive EMR federal stimulus funds? (show answer)

No. You will be eligible for the same incentive payments whether or not you use a billing company. Using MCA for your billing, however, will help to assure that you qualify for these incentives by providing you with professional guidance and advice.

Can EMR be integrated with MCA's billing system? (show answer)

Yes. In fact MCA encourage this. Your existing EMR system it can be interfaced with MCA's practice management system. If you don't have EMR and are interested in acquiring one, MCA has a strategic partnerships with premier national EMR companies, to provide you with a state of the art systems at significantly discounted prices

What kind of reports will I receive? (show answer)

MCA is able to produce reports containing virtually any data contained in our practice management system. We have standard month-end reporting packages and can produce reports on-demand or set-up periodic reporting to satisfy all of your reporting needs. MCA's standard reports display meaningful information resulting in your ability to identify opportunities for improvements and changes that can impact the financial health of your practice. Contact us and ask for a sample month-end reporting package.

Will I lose control of my billing? (show answer)

Absolutely not. In fact, our clients tell us the opposite. MCA’s state of the art reporting system allows virtually endless amounts of reporting queries. All relationships and trending can be compared at any level. Further, MCA works with you and your staff on a continual basis to address matters of 1) Patient debt, 2) Coding efficiencies, 3) Changes in insurance regulations, 4) Outcomes/Results. What’s not seen is most important: Management. You are relieved of the arduous task of managing people to attain results.

How much will it cost me to have MCA do my billing? (show answer)

In most cases MCA charges a percentage of what it collects for you. The percentage is uniquely calculated for each practice based on the specialty of the practice, insurance mix, procedure mix and other factors. One price does not fit all.

How soon can MCA start doing my billing? (show answer)

Generally speaking, MCA prefers a 30 day lead time so that interruptions in your cash flow can be prevented. There are times, however, where MCA has taken over billing immediately because of the needs of the client. Each situation is unique and a custom implementation plan is prepared for each client's transition taking into consideration the current billing situation, technology integration needs, and other factors.

How many years has MCA been providing billing and practice management services? (show answer)

MCA is proud to be in its 21st year serving healthcare professionals throughout New York State.